International Berliner Beer Festival 2013

This weekend I will be attending the International Berliner Beer Festival – also know as the Beer Mile – to sample some of Germany’s most famous and delicious brews, as well as many other well-known beers from abroad.

New to the festival this year will be a tent showcasing a handful of US craft brews, including Ballast Point (CA), Dogfish Head (DE), Founders (MI), Epic (CO), FIrestone Walker (CA), Boulevard Brewing (KS), Lexington Brewing (KY), Maui Brewing (HI), Odell Brewing (CO), Oskar Blues (CO), Cisco Brewers (MA), Green Flask (CA), Rogue Ales (CA), Sierra Nevada (CA), Shipyard Brewing (ME), Sixpoint Brewery (NY), Stone Brewing (CA), Victory Brewing (PA), and Woodfour (CA).

This is not the first year that american craft beer has been present at the festival. However, this is the first time the festival has advertised a craft beer tent as the main attraction. According to the official website, the Berlin Beer Academy, who is sponsoring the craft beer tent, claims that it is the biggest exhibition of US craft beers of any beer festival in Europe, and they even plan on expanding it next year.

It will be interesting to see how these american beers will be received by the crowds of germans flocking there this year. Berlin is abuzz with craft beer right now, as the local craft brewing scene is beginning to pick up steam with micro-breweris sprouting up here an there. Being an american and living in germany,  and having experienced both german and american beer culture, as well as tasted my fair share of german and american beers, I can say with absolute confidence that American beers will hold their own.