Designing a Table

When designing a table I had to think about the room which I was designing it for. While thinking about dimensions, I also wanted to build a table that would complement the architecture and aesthetic of our apartment.

After I decided on a style I began drawing. For starters, I used the classic method of doodling in a notebook, but for a better visual I used a CAD program called SketchUp. Some of you may have heard of this useful, layman’s CAD program that is offered freely by Google. I used it to design a 3D model of the table I had in mind. It was easy and fun to use and I suspect I’ll be fiddling with it again in the near future.

For the design, I decided on something timeless, it’s called “barn” or “farm” style. It is very robust and rustic, and I feel it is the type of table that could support two large turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, withstand the slamming of large beer steins, and outlast my son’s destructive phase, all while maintaining a noble and austere appearance on four simple legs.

Here is my 3D design and some sketches.

3D model done in SketchUp

I designed the dimensions of the table 2 x 1 x .78 meter to fit perpendicular with the length of the room. 2 meters allows for 6 seats, 1 meter allows for conversation, .78 meter accomidates my stocky legs and short arms. Not too big and not too small, these proportions will make the table look like it belongs to the room and not the other way around.


One Comment on “Designing a Table”

  1. Nilu says:

    What kind of wood would you recommend? What has a rustic look to it?

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