Premeditations On Building A Table

My family and I are moving, and we need a new dining table for our new apartment. My first thought was to look into tables sold at Ikea(even though I hate Ikea). I quickly found that a good table made from massive wood can be quite pricy, and since Im a semi-rational economic ape, a “cost-benefit calculation” showed that building a table myself would be a far better solution than going to Ikea – despite factoring in the delicious hotdogs that would surely be included with a visit to Ikea. By the way, you can forget about going to most other furniture stores to find a table: sure they sell beautiful tables, but they will charge a 1000%  markup. Any good table found at an antique store will also cost a pretty penny.

Besides, building your own table has a high intrinsic value. I mean, there is something incredibly fundamental and beautiful about building a table, and about working with wood, a material that seems to live and breathe. The process from freshly milled boards to our first dinner can be found here.

Do your own “cost-benefit” analysis, find what is right for you. Maybe this blog will help some.


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